Second image transfer I had attempted. Much more complicated, if only for the fact that I had to make SO many colours to fill the image. AND my first attempt at making black icing, which worked out very well, Thank God………
This was for my friend’s daughters’ 4th birthday. I was later shown pictures of the party – the cake fit right in. πŸ˜€Minnie 1 Minnie 2 Minnie 3 Minnie 4 Minnie 5

These gum paste flowers I had actually made in the second cake decorating class I had taken. These are phenomenally beautiful, but VERY time-consuming. Very much like playing with play dough. But more colorful, lol.gum paste flowers

This was the first batch of cupcakes I ever made. In fact a couple of those cupcakes had been made in one of the cake decorating classes.. I do remember the feeling amazed that I was capable of making something that looked so awesomecupcakes 1st batch

So for Christmas 2013 I wanted to bring in cupcakes cos – well- it was CHRISTMAS and cupcakes just kinda go with it (I REALLY like sharing, lol) It was shortly after I had taken the cake decorating classes, so OF COURSE I wanted to get some practice in, lol…

Christmas cupcakes 1

It was my 31st birthday recently – and as I was not expecting anything special for my birthday, I decided I was going to make myself some cupcakes and share them with my coworkers. Confetti cupcakes, with a mix of Cream cheese icing and Cool Whip for the cupcake filling, and chocolate icing to top it off. Ohhhhhh my – what tasty cupcakes they were. πŸ˜€bday cupcakes 1 bday cupcakes 2 bday cupcakes 3 bday cupcakes 4

My very first cake order ever! It was for the client’s wife’s birthday – and I stayed up with Rob till 2 am finishing the thing (it didn’t really help that I was still learning to ice a cake at that point, lol) But the result was amazing – I swear by YouTube tutorials for anything you’d like to learn (assuming you’re a visual learner)2 Tier 2 2 Tier one

Technically, this IS a blue velvet cake – unfortunately for me, I neglected to take ANY pictures of the cake after having been cut, lol. I made this for my friend Lee’s birthday, and she graciously decided to allow me to have complete control over the design of the cake (never mind the fact that I had still asked her about a million questions ANYWAY about her preferences, lol)

I’m still VERY happy with the result…… Turned out better than I had imagined. πŸ˜€Blue Velvet 1 Blue Velvet 2 Blue Velvet 3 Blue Velvet 4

This was my first attempt at a flower pot cake. Unfortunately I hadn’t cut the fondant tall enough, but the ‘grass’ around the edge made up for the height difference. I hope to do this one again soon….defintely I’ll be properly measuring the fondant next time around, lol.Flower Pot Cake

I had made this for my husband’s work Christmas party about a year ago. My first attempt at an image transfer – It worked out wonderfully, much to my delight. Image Transfers do take a lot of work, patience and planning, but are easily turning into my favourite method of cake decorating. πŸ˜€Execulink Cake

The very FIRST cake I ever made and decorated. The icing was a little crumby, but understandably so given that I had only just left DQ, and was unaccustomed to icing a real cake. (All I ever had to worry about with DQ cakesΒ were the decorations)

The wording on the cake was my husband’s idea, lol.
Teh Awesome Cake