So for Christmas 2013 I wanted to bring in cupcakes cos – well- it was CHRISTMAS and cupcakes just kinda go with it (I REALLY like sharing, lol) It was shortly after I had taken the cake decorating classes, so OF COURSE I wanted to get some practice in, lol…

Christmas cupcakes 1

It was my 31st birthday recently – and as I was not expecting anything special for my birthday, I decided I was going to make myself some cupcakes and share them with my coworkers. Confetti cupcakes, with a mix of Cream cheese icing and Cool Whip for the cupcake filling, and chocolate icing to top it off. Ohhhhhh my – what tasty cupcakes they were. 😀bday cupcakes 1 bday cupcakes 2 bday cupcakes 3 bday cupcakes 4

My very first cake order ever! It was for the client’s wife’s birthday – and I stayed up with Rob till 2 am finishing the thing (it didn’t really help that I was still learning to ice a cake at that point, lol) But the result was amazing – I swear by YouTube tutorials for anything you’d like to learn (assuming you’re a visual learner)2 Tier 2 2 Tier one

Technically, this IS a blue velvet cake – unfortunately for me, I neglected to take ANY pictures of the cake after having been cut, lol. I made this for my friend Lee’s birthday, and she graciously decided to allow me to have complete control over the design of the cake (never mind the fact that I had still asked her about a million questions ANYWAY about her preferences, lol)

I’m still VERY happy with the result…… Turned out better than I had imagined. 😀Blue Velvet 1 Blue Velvet 2 Blue Velvet 3 Blue Velvet 4

This was my first attempt at a flower pot cake. Unfortunately I hadn’t cut the fondant tall enough, but the ‘grass’ around the edge made up for the height difference. I hope to do this one again soon….defintely I’ll be properly measuring the fondant next time around, lol.Flower Pot Cake

I had made this for my husband’s work Christmas party about a year ago. My first attempt at an image transfer – It worked out wonderfully, much to my delight. Image Transfers do take a lot of work, patience and planning, but are easily turning into my favourite method of cake decorating. 😀Execulink Cake

The very FIRST cake I ever made and decorated. The icing was a little crumby, but understandably so given that I had only just left DQ, and was unaccustomed to icing a real cake. (All I ever had to worry about with DQ cakes were the decorations)

The wording on the cake was my husband’s idea, lol.
Teh Awesome Cake