Go figure that I’m making cupcakes for a person who helps others to lose weight. Is this irony, or just a funny coincidence?
Either way, I loved making these cupcakes….Simple, but very pretty regardless – the flavors though….
Vanilla cupcakes, cherry fill, and cream cheese icing. Her reaction alone was worth making them, lol.cupcakes1

So my husband n I have a bunch of friends who like to get together and have a LAN party. It was a potluck, and Rob had asked me to make some cupcakes for the party. Chocolate, with some cream cheese icing…. I was worried that they’d be too sweet, but I was told repeatedly that they were tasty 😀 YAY!!!!pretzel1 pretzel2 pretzel3

This order was awesome….Simple, but it blended in VERY well with the rest of the decor. (She had booked a hall, had it catered, and even brought in an ice sculpture of a bear!!! And KARAOKE! She had karaoke!!!!!) She literally bragged about my cupcakes all night. *facepalm* lol. (I do have to admit I was very flattered.)cupcake1 cupcake2 cupcake3 cupcake4 cupcake5 cupcake6

By far my favouritest cupcakes ever! (Also, working at Tim Hortons has it’s benefits, as I had managed to snag a few edible images after halloween the year before) – Double Chocolate buttercream, with chocolate digestive type cookies. Wow. They were tasty. 😀Halloween1 Halloween2 Halloween3

This was the first batch of cupcakes I ever made. In fact a couple of those cupcakes had been made in one of the cake decorating classes.. I do remember the feeling amazed that I was capable of making something that looked so awesomecupcakes 1st batch

So for Christmas 2013 I wanted to bring in cupcakes cos – well- it was CHRISTMAS and cupcakes just kinda go with it (I REALLY like sharing, lol) It was shortly after I had taken the cake decorating classes, so OF COURSE I wanted to get some practice in, lol…

Christmas cupcakes 1

It was my 31st birthday recently – and as I was not expecting anything special for my birthday, I decided I was going to make myself some cupcakes and share them with my coworkers. Confetti cupcakes, with a mix of Cream cheese icing and Cool Whip for the cupcake filling, and chocolate icing to top it off. Ohhhhhh my – what tasty cupcakes they were. 😀bday cupcakes 1 bday cupcakes 2 bday cupcakes 3 bday cupcakes 4